Website copy: My Practice, for Financial Planner

My Practice page for Certified Financial Planner Dan Osgood that highlights his ethical standards with a story about why he does what he does.

Dan Osgood, DCO Wealth Management
Dan Osgood is s a Certified Financial Planner with his own firm, DCO Wealth Management. He's also the kind of guy who doesn't seem very comfortable tooting his own horn. But when I met with him to do my interview for his About Me page, which he calls My Practice, I got an immediate sense of his ethical standards and commitment to his clients that makes him stand out from the field of financial planners. He told me a story about how he got into the business that I knew I had to incorporate into this page to give people a feeling for Dan as a person as well as a professional. 

Dan's About Me illustrates something I aspire to provide for all my clients: a glimpse into what makes them unique, even in a crowded field.

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