Website Copy: About Me Bio for Estate Planning Attorney

An About Me bio for a Wills, Trusts and Estates Attorney, giving it a more personal touch than simply a list of credentials. My goal from the interview I had with him was to highlight not only his expertise but also his ability to put people at ease with this sometimes uncomfortable subject.

I created this About Me bio for a Wills, Trusts and Estates Attorney based on an in-person interview. My goal was to bring across to the reader that in addition to being experienced and accomplished in this area of law, he is also very aware that the subject of death or incapacity is not something most people are comfortable with and that he can make dealing with it a little easier. I wanted to have him answer the question visitors to his website are most likely asking if they are checking him out - does he know what he's doing and can he really help them. I used a conversational tone and a few lighter touches such as the "Nitty Gritty Details" heading to make him as approachable on the page as he is in person.

I almost always recommend using first person for an About Me page, and always include a call to action, in this case an email link for visitors to contact him for a complimentary consultation. 

P.S. This project was done in February 2011 despite the March '09 date on the page

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