AAA Westways: Wildlife Tracking in San Diego

Article for AAA Westways, a Q&A with Senior Wildlife Tracker Ann Hunt, of the San Diego Tracking Team

A Conversation With ... Senior Wildlife Tracker Ann Hunt
AAA Westways, January/February 2010
Did you know that there are people who track wildlife in San Diego County? When I found out about theSan Diego Tracking Team, I knew I wanted to interview a tracker. I thought tracking was something you only saw in Wild West movies, but it turns out that ordinary people like you and me can be trained to track wildlife from different signs. The San Diego Tracking team does this in many of the urban/rural boundaries in the county and the data are used for planning purposes and to keep tabs on the vitality of the wildlife in the area. I had the pleasure of interviewing Senior Tracker Ann Hunt for the January/February issue of AAA Westways.
Q&A with senior wildlife tracker of the San Diego Tracking Team, for January/February 2010 AAA Westways Magazine

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